The excavation depth for a typical domestic driveway is 200-250mm below finished paving level, based on 100-150mm sub-base, 40mm sand bed and 50mm block.  
Typical builders' skips hold approximately 4.5 m³ of excavated material, which, assuming a 200mm dig depth, works out that each 20-25 m² of paving will require 1 skip to dispose of spoil. Remember that excavated material bulks up by 20-30%, so each 1m³ dug out will become 1.3m³ for disposal.Spread, level and compact a minimum 100mm thick layer of sub-base material. 
The sub-base should be profiled or graded to match the planned profile of the finished paving and should be accurate to ±10mm. There should be no voids within the sub-base - any such voids should be filled with stone, type1 or hardcore 
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